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120+ Cute, Flirty And Fun Questions To Ask Your Crush

Have you ever helped someone who was in danger? On a scale of 10, how would you rate yourself as a kisser? How would you describe a perfect kiss? 148 What do you spend most of your money on? What feature do you think sets you apart from others of your gender? Do you have a sexual experience you feel was the worst? How often do you watch the news? Most memorable moment of your life? How would you describe yourself in one sentence? 130 What is the most stupid rule you have to follow? 46 What impresses you the most about me? Have you ever seen an actual tornado not on TV or in a movie? Have you ever done it outside in the open? If you could have anything you wanted in the whole wide world, why would you specifically choose me? What in life are you the most grateful for? Who is your celebrity crush? Have you ever shared food with your dog or cat? What is the kindest thing someone has ever said about you? This list contains unique dirty questions to ask your crush over text.

100 Dirty Questions to Ask Your Crush Over Text

Can you spend a whole night awake? Is there an album you can listen to entirely without skipping tracks? Finding things that you both enjoy is the key to starting a relationship with someone.

100 questions to ask your crush that'll bring you closer together

Check out, Flirty Questions To Ask Your Crush Source: Ponly• What do people say about you that you like? Being on the same page is incredibly important, especially when it comes to things like this! One is the one thing that gets you excited about getting into a new relationship? Talking to the person you like can be nerve-wracking and trying to talk to them even more so.

50 Questions to Ask a Guy You Have a Crush On

What was the best book you ever read? 46 What would you do if you could be the opposite sex for a day? Trust me, this is something you will want to know for the future! Do you think Kanye West would be a good President? What do you see when you close your eyes while kissing me? Flirty Questions to Ask your Crush• Who is your favorite author? What is your biggest turn-on? Of all the things we have talked about so far, which ones are you more skeptical about and why? They will instantly bring a smile to their face.

100 Questions to Ask Your Crush

3 What is one rule you do not break in life? What is one weird thing in life that you find attractive? Why do you think no one has dated you so far? Who understands you the most in your family? What is the one thing you would most like to change about the world? studio If you are texting or messaging on social media, it can be best to stick to questions that can be answered easily, with a relatively short answer.

100 questions to ask your crush that'll bring you closer together

When you read the newspaper, what section do you skip to immediately? 45 What would you give someone as a gift if money was no object? What kind of questions you want to ask your crush depends upon your bond with them, if you are fairly new to them, then we will recommend you not go for flirty questions right away.

101 Questions to Ask Your Crush

What if someone had intervened? Freaky Questions To Ask Your Crush If your crush likes , try asking these freaky questions.

100 questions to ask your crush that'll bring you closer together

Possible follow-up questions: how do you feel when other people break this rule? Is it too early to tell you how amazing I feel around you? 10 Would you like to go see the movies with me tonight? Will you be able to hang out with me? What movie made you cry the most? Have you ever experienced unanswered Love? Other Questions to Ask Your Crush: Dirty Questions to Ask Your Crush Over Text.

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Do you have expectations when it comes to dating? What do you do for a living? Who is the most important person in your life right now? An easy way to find out whether or not your crush is a thrill seeker or someone who plays it cool.

155 Deep, Flirty, Cute & Interesting Questions to Ask Your Crush

It has happened to me and my friends.

155 Deep, Flirty, Cute & Interesting Questions to Ask Your Crush

Who do you think is the hottest celebrity? Is your crush the shallow type that only cares about looks, or is he looking for a connection that is much deeper than physical? Breakups are painful affairs and oftentimes we find ourselves looking at our ex and wondering if they still want us.

100 Questions to Ask Your Crush

You know what they say, once a cheater, always a cheater.