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Cheerleaders forced into painful splits in disturbing videos

A video of Princess Srirasmi has emerged in which she cavorts in a G-string• In the neo-noir religious-horror film 1987 , New York City private investigator Harry Angel has sex with a woman named Epiphany , unaware that the woman is his own daughter from a one-night stand 20 years prior.

VIDEO: Irish Mother Gets a Shock When Her Son Returns Home For Christmas

In the neo-noir drama 1992 , villainess Heather Evans Kim Basinger is revealed to have suffered sexual abuse from her father in her early childhood shortly after her mother left the family due to the father's alcoholism.

ABUSED BY MY BROTHER : Sexual Abuse and Incest Forum

A teenage victim, Josephine Kirtland, learns that her mother, Emmanueline played by , is also her half-sister.

Molested over a long period of time : Sexual Abuse and Incest Forum

I always felt like I was ok, and didn't really need to talk about it, But I find myself embarrassed by the fact that it even happened to me.

ABUSED BY MY BROTHER : Sexual Abuse and Incest Forum

Daniel and I had been married for 18 years.

ABUSED BY MY BROTHER : Sexual Abuse and Incest Forum

Maybe due to the fact I'm a little lonely here and wanted someone to talk to you.

'The day I found out my husband had abused our daughter'

Her family past away when she was young too and she never got to talk to him.

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The film 2012 follows a young male prostitute as he gathers clients in New York City, the last client accidentally being his own father.


In 1998 , on a mission to kill Frost, the title character is unexpectedly reunited with his mother, Vanessa Brooks , whom he had long thought to be dead.

Would you take your brother or sister's sloppy seconds?

2008 , starring and , is a "relatively" romantic comedy about a professional heartbreaker and cynical bachelor who teams up with his attractive cousin from the United Kingdom in order to deceive his friends into believing he is capable of a relationship.

Inside the suburban family home where the husband drugged his wife, raped her daughter and was ‘starting on his own daughter’

I too was sexually abused I use to babysit for a couple I woke up next to his naked wife on several occasions she use to walk around the house naked, but you can't rape the willing now being 38 it still haunts me, I did suck his dick, it was that, or fuck his passed out wife they turned me into an alcoholic I was just trying to escape, and they ALWAYS had booze I feel sorry for the kids I use to babysit, their the reason I did what I did I was saving them from being abused I totally understand I went through literally the exact same thing.