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An Affair to Remember is a 1957 film starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, and directed by Leo McCarey.


But here it's not treated as a scandalous anomaly, which is usually the case in May-December movie romances where the guy is the spring chicken.

9 Movies Where a Woman Romances a Younger Man

She seems genuinely interested in his addiction and how he can become less dependent and fixated on it.

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Pop star Shakira is involved with a man 10 years her junior.

Older Woman/Younger Man Relationship Movies/Series

Her resulting despondency and his subsequent infidelities have prevented the couple from confronting a much-needed change in their relationship.

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After, Holden fakes an ankle injury so she could give him another lift home and this0 soon becomes routine.

9 Movies Where a Woman Romances a Younger Man

Is he going to leave me? Domestic Violence 17 Abusive Husband 15 Husband Wife Relationship 15 Murder 13 Female Protagonist 11 Abuse 10 Domestic Abuse 10 Flashback 10 Mother Daughter Relationship 10 Violence 10 Based On Novel 8 Based On True Story 7 F Rated 7 Physical Abuse 7 Wedding 7 African American 6 Investigation 6 Lawyer 6 Revenge 6 Sex 6 Title Spoken By Character 6 Voice Over Narration 6 Black Eye 5 Blood 5 Character Name As Title 5 Death 5 Dysfunctional Marriage 5 Face Slap 5 Friendship 5 Funeral 5 Hospital 5 Man Hits A Woman 5 Marital Abuse 5 Marriage 5 Police 5 Psychopath 5 Rape 5 Spousal Abuse 5 1990s 4 Abusive Relationship 4 Baby 4 Car 4 Church 4 Cigarette Smoking 4 Courtroom 4 Escape 4 Female Criminal 4 Female Nudity 4 Fight 4 Infidelity 4 Jealousy 4 Judge 4 Letter 4 Male Female Relationship 4 Mirror 4 Mother Son Relationship 4 Nudity 4 One Word Title 4 Paranoia 4 Sex Scene 4 Singer 4 Sister Sister Relationship 4 Small Town 4 Spouse 4 Teenage Girl 4 Waitress 4 Wedding Reception 4 1920s 3 2000s 3 Abused Wife 3 Anger 3 Arrest 3 Automobile 3 Bar 3 Battered Wife 3 Battered Woman 3 Beating 3 Betrayal 3 Boy 3 Bus 3 Cafe 3 Child Abuse 3 Childbirth 3 Christmas 3 Christmas Tree 3 Cigar Smoking 3 Cigarette 3 Conjugal Rape 3 Corpse 3 Court 3 Death Of Husband 3 Death Of Son 3 Detective 3 Diner 3 Divorce 3 Drugs 3 Drunkenness 3 Emotional Abuse 3 Evil Man 3 Falling Down Stairs 3.

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He alone realizes that Hanna is illiterate and may be concealing that fact at the expense of her freedom.

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Due to the MPAA's restrictions at the time, the film toned down the more provocative aspects of the novel, sometimes leaving much to the audience's imagination.

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The principles think the script is too inappropriate for a high school production and try to change the ending.

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Cross realizes he may have feelings for her, she clarifies that he is too young for her and that they will never have a romantic relationship.

9 Movies Where a Woman Romances a Younger Man

Sandy hires Aram to be her nanny, and it isn't long until Aram and Sandy find out they get along wonderfully and start to date.