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The Glory Days of Spanking

Philip stood uncomfortably with his hands on his head for another ten minutes, his arms began to ache as they ignored him as they chatted and drank their tea.

Bottom smacker by Royal appointment

1830 : caning of soldiers, cartoon, c.

Bare Bottom

He put his left foot in first and rested his hand on her shoulder to steady himself as he put his right foot into the pyjama bottoms.

F/M paddling

You are also welcome to bring any implements with you that you would like me to use on you.

Time for Spankings, Bed and Pyjamas: October 2016

My mum had been a keen equestrian, but when I was just six years old she was thrown from her horse spooked by a passing car and left in a wheelchair, paralysed from the waist down.

Corporal Punishment

1800 : old print of prison flogging, possibly 18th century : 1872 print of foot-caning scene falaka or bastinado : dummy of flogging in Cork jail : scenes from filmed reconstruction of prison-yard judicial flogging with tamarind switch, 1960s : diagram of judicial flogging, Edo period : modern re-enactment by museum visitors of ancient flogging punishment : modern re-enactment of public flogging 4 views : tableau representing ancient flogging : another flogging re-enactment, in period costume, as an animation : another tableau illustrating flogging in miniature : two drawings of bare-bottom judicial floggings : four paintings or engravings depicting judicial caning or paddling : official photograph taken from filmed reconstruction of judicial caning : stills from filmed reconstruction of judicial caning, 1990s : pictures from Pudu Prison exhibition, including more stills from a different filmed reconstruction, 1997 : caning demonstration at prison exhibition, 1997 : caning demonstration using dummy, 1999 : another caning demonstration on a dummy, 2004 : a different picture of the above event, 2004 : yet another dummy demonstration, c.

Miss Svenson International Headmistress, Disciplinarian, Filmmaker

Talking of uniforms, the girls Grammer school had a lovely uniform.

F/M paddling

I am not your girlfriend now.

Corporal Punishment

I'm kind of like a mechanic, I prefer the right tool for the right job, lol.