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120+ Dirty Would You Rather Questions

Would you risk it just for pleasure? Would you rather we talk in a romantic way and laugh together for hours prior to s x or we cuddle quietly for hours before doing it? Never have I ever… shaved the pubic hair of someone that I am dating.

100+ Hardest Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather sleep with your ex or sleep with a hated dictator? Would you rather French kiss an 80-year-old man, or let a dog lick inside your mouth? Would you rather eat a used tampon or a liter of diarrhea? do it in an abandoned building or in a public park? Never have I ever… had sex with someone of the same sex.

Sexual Never Have I Ever Questions

Would you rather have on your ears 24 hours or goggle on your eyes 24 hours? Never have I ever… had sex in a moving train.

71 Of The Most Ridiculous 'Would You Rather' Questions

Would you rather shout all the time or whisper all the time? Sometimes these games can get out of control and ruin it for some people.

Top 40 Dirty “Would You Rather” Questions: Be Cool

Would you rather crap your pants in public once a year for the rest of your life or crap yourself in private every day for the rest of your life? I heard kissing burns calories, want to help me exercise? Would you rather only have sex with the same person in the same position for the rest of your life or be forced to have sex with a different person every single time? Would you rather give up internet connection or would give up smart phone for a day? Many people choose to keep it clean when it comes to this game, and that is probably a good idea when you are playing with someone that you barely know.

100+ Hardest Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather get get reprimanded when you do wrong or I go silent for a week? My boyfriend and I love game nights.

Sexual Never Have I Ever Questions

Would you rather live to 100 years old or live to 500 years old? be stuck on the moon or free floating in space? Would you rather get even or let it go? Would you ever shower with me? Would you rather be able to see a month into the future or have perfect memory of a month into the past? Would you rather spend the day wearing wet socks or spend the day with a popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth? No waiting chores and commitments• Would you rather a spoilt girl or a calm angel-like girl? have the power to be invisible or be able to fly? Would you rather eat raw green chilly or raw garlic? If you guys are totally comfortable with each other then there is no need to think twice while asking this.

90 sex 'would you rather' questions to ask your partner or friends

Would you rather date a good girl or a bad girl? Would you rather be possessed by some evil spirit or want to become one? Sexual would you rather questions game come in different variations.

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69 Best Would You Rather Questions

You will get too conscious or too awkward to continue the game any further.

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Begin with something fun and casual when you start playing would u rather dirty questions with your love interest.