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Obituary: Agnes Irene Ahola

She was well-known for her crocheted scrubbies, which she gifted generously to all.

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' Scroll down for video Opinion: Amanda says she wants to look like a sex doll because their 'womanly features are perfectly exaggerated' Amanda says she first learned about plastic surgery when she was about eight or nine years old, and she always felt it was something she would do when she grew up.


'I would say that having plastic surgery is better than sex.

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'I found my sugar daddy on Instagram.

Watch Onlyfans Amanda Ahola @Burundel

You can easily notice she does looks like Marilyn Monroe, well, sort of.

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

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Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

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'I did have my surgery, but I had had a seizure and I went into a coma for several days after my surgery.