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Urdu baby names for girls and boys

Furozan One who has a glowing radiance• Nahiza A raised person, at high rank• Sameeah A percieving, hearing person• Layina A resilen, tender and delicate person• Afsa The name of Prophet Mohammed's wife.

Kaazirah Name Meaning In Urdu (Girl Name کازیرہ)

Saghirali A tender and slim woman• Nazafarin The beautiful delicacy of a girl• Kardawaiyah The name means Ious Woman• What does Rohan mean in Indian? Girl Urdu Gul-e-Rana means rose flower with a very sweet smell.

Most Popular Urdu Baby Names

What does Rohan mean in Gaelic? Shamoodah SHe is precious like a diamond• Esra it means more or quick.

Vegetables Names List in English with Urdu Meanings

Tufaylah The name of the unbound slave of Al-waleed bin Abdulla.

Vegetables Names List in English with Urdu Meanings

Masoon A well protected girl who is alwats safeguarded• Other spellings of the name include Zayaan and Zayyan.

Most Popular Urdu Baby Names

Boy Wo jaga jahan zameen r aasman miltay hay Boy The Drink of heaven, Unknown, Fine Girl Bari behen Girl Princess, Qualified, Capable Boy Girl Full moon, Pora chand Girl youthful,uncanny,favorite one,able, for you surely are Girl Khoobsorat Beautiful , White Boy The Indus River Boy Brave Boy Lazim, Azhad zaroori Girl Like Gold Girl Chaand Jesa Phool Girl Juggan has no meaning, derived from Jugnu Boy Boy Leader, Rahnuma, Rahbar, Buland maqam wala Girl Fountain Boy Kind, patient Raham , saber kerny wala Boy The prosperity Of Allah Sweet Boy Wish, Prayer Boy Time Girl Bird Girl Life and Alive Girl Jessamine Flower Boy Buland martabay wala Girl Chaand Jesa Phool Boy Precious Gems, Stones, Qeemti Jawahar, Qeemti Pathar Boy Brave Boy Jald baaz, Tezi karnay wala Girl To benefit Faida dainay wali Boy Smart, Awakened Brain Hoshyar Girl Girl Boy Bird Girl manicured woman, Saji sanwari khaton, Saji sajae• Nakhat Perfume or scent or bouquet or sweet smell.

Top 100 Urdu Boy Names With Meanings

Rumman She who is one of the people of the Rummana• Urdu baby boy names Huge Names database of Urdu baby names of Girls and Boys.

100 Best Islamic Urdu Names For Boy With Meanings

Sharia A girl who is just like a Princess• Sakeeza A nice smell, a fragrance• Gajal A poetry, a rhyming poetry• Rawhiyah A highly spiritual person• Tazmeen One with great habits and nature• Kaazirah name meaning in english are Slave.

What is the meaning of name Ruhaan in Urdu?

Hawazin Name of an Arabic tribe• Shadmani A feeling of joy• Shahnoor A woman with a royal glow around her• Nirvikar Bight and powerful nimble.

Urdu Definition & Meaning

Shanza A woman who is diginied• Nafay The one who is full of profitable income and turnover.